Nightcat's Ultimate Halloween Movie Guide

Christmas can eat coal and the Fourth of July can suck it because we all know the best holiday is Halloween!


To get you in the spirit, I have put together a list of spooky shows and movies that are currently streaming. There are a few old favorites, but I tried to pick newer stuff you might not have seen or older ones that I don't feel got the credit they deserve.

You might see a pattern here: I am a big fan of horror-comedy and anthology series. I'm not really into slashers or "gore porn" (unless it's supposed to be funny... then bring on the blood!) so you won't see a lot of that here. There are also a million other horror movies I love that didn't make the list because they're not currently streaming.



In my opinion, Hulu has THE BEST horror selection of any streaming service. Especially since the Fox-Disney merger went through and FX started putting practically all of their stuff on Hulu for free. Here are some of my top pics.


Monsterland is an anthology series in which every episode is different, but tied together in the same paranormal universe. Each episode is named after the city in which it takes place. The monsters and ghosts are scary and well done. But the truly horrific part of every story is the real-life struggles the characters face (such as suicide, mental health, greed, and grief).