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A true crime walking tour in beautiful SLC

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Your tour guide, Nightcat, has been studying crimes that took place at 5 downtown Salt Lake City locations and he can’t wait to share the dirty truths hiding behind one of America’s cleanest, nicest cities. Bombings, cults, hostage situations, scorned lovers… All within a few city blocks. 

Nightcat will take you to five famous true crime locations and tell you the infamous story of what happened there

  • The Jvdge Building - After a bomb went off in this building (resulting in the death of one man), the city was thrown into a panic. This was just the first in a string of bombings carried out by a man trying to cover up his extensive lies. As made famous recently on Netflix’s “Murder Among the Mormons.”

  • The Shilo Inn - A crime so horrific occurred at this hotel, Danny Elfman claims it inspired him to write the music for “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

  • The U.S. District Court of Utah - Completed in 2014, the first case to be tried in the brand new courthouse ended with the defendant being shot by law enforcement in the court.

  • Market Street Grill - While the crime in question didn’t actually occur at this location, one of the restaurant's founders met a tragic end at the hands of his husband.

  • The Leonardo - Before it was a museum, this building housed the Salt Lake City Public library where a man held a room full of people hostage with a bomb in the ‘90s.

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