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Hi, I'm Jackson Carter. I've worked in entertainment for the last decade. Everything from community theatre, reality TV, morning radio, local TV talk shows, motivational speaking, workout tapes, and even live reptile and alligator wrestling shows. You name it, I've done it. Now I use the knowledge I gained from those experiences to create some of the best video and podcast content on the internet under the name Nightcat

Growing up, I was a poor, fat, white kid from a double-wide trailer on a Ute native reservation. Needless to say, I had to learn humor as a defense mechanism pretty early to fight off bullies. This proved very effective through high school where I was elected Student Council president, played the lead in multiple stage production, was crowned prom queen, and was given an award at graduation (even though my grades were ROUGH). 

Through my teens and 20's worked in LGBT advocacy in Utah and volunteered at a queer youth group. My work within the queer community earned me the Local Hero award from The Utah Pride Center. 

Quickly after high school, I got cast on one of NBC's biggest reality shows The Biggest Loser.  I was known for 3 things on the BL ranch: 1) I was the first openly gay contestant


on the show. 2) I threw up everywhere the entire season. 3) For having a filthy mouth that didn't match my cute little face. I ended up taking 3rd place and lost 138 lbs on the show. 

I rode that wave for a while, traveling all over the country to give keynote and motivational talks while also working as a race coordinator for The Biggest Loser RunWalk and Spartan Races. 

By 2016, times had gotten hard and I had taken a "real job" working middle management in the service industry. I was miserable and looking for a change when I saw a friend post about open auditions at a local radio station. After what turned into a 6-month audition, I was given a single weekly shift. 2 hours, night shift, every Saturday. 

​I rose through the ranks quickly. Less than a year later, I was promoted to morning show stunt boy where I would do mic-in-your-face, on-the-street gimmicks for publicity. A year and a half after getting hired, I was hired as a full-time morning show host. My two co-hosts and I focused on making a light-hearted, fun variety show to help people through their mornings. We would go on to win the Best Radio Show award from Best of Salt Lake City.

Along with chasing my newly-found radio dreams, I worked for two summers with animals - another big dream of mine since I was a kid watching The Crocodile Hunter. I worked at a reptile exhibitor called Scales and Tails where I took care of animal welfare, hosted educational (and entertaining) shows, and studied as an alligator wrestling apprentice.

Sadly, nobody was pandemic-proof in 2020. With everyone working and studying from home, nobody was in the car and as a result, our ratings took a hit. A pretty big hit. The company chose to cancel our show and I found myself, for the first time since I was 14 years old, Unemployed. 

Thus... Nightcat media was born.


The Goal of Nightcat Media is simple: Serve up the best, kitsch-minded video and podcast content on the internet. 

What started as something for me to show off my toy collection and share inappropriate personal stories on a YouTube series, Nightcap With Nightcat, turned into so much more after I lost my job. For years, I had been waking up at 4am, studying all things pop culture, putting on a live show, and creating social media content every day. I felt lost without my routine. 

I decided to take everything I learned from TV, radio, public speaking, and animal shows and I turned it into a series of video and podcast content. An entertainment/ pop culture / personal diary / news / fun fact / true crime / toy collecting hybrid of shows with one common theme: KITSCH! Every episode of every Nightcat show is absurd, outlandish, cutesy, sassy, and kitschy kitsch kitsch. 

Check Out the Full Line of Nightcat Shows Here

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