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The Cold Case of Christine Gallegos - Curiosity #18

In October 1985, an 18-year-old woman was found shot and stabbed to death on a Salt Lake City street. Her murder has remained unsolved for over 35 years. Why? At best, the SLC Police Department wildly mishandled the case and neglected to follow up on even the most simple leads. At worst, they were actively covering it up to aid the city in its bid for the Winter Olympic Games. Let's dive into the cold case of Christine Gallegos. Make sure to stick around after the episode for an awesome chat with private investigator Jason Jensen.


The Justice Files series by Marcos Ortiz on ABC 4

Jason Jensen - Jensen Investigations | Utah Cold Case Coalition | Interview October 12th, 2019

SLC PD Christine Listing

Three Murders, One Gun by Sydnee Gonzalez; BYU Universe Narratives June 12th, 2020

Deseret News


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Excellent podcast. You got the facts right. You mentioned my husband, Greg Chase, several times. He knows so much about this case.

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