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Nightcap With Nightcat - Episode 16

Welcome to another episode of Nightcap With Nightcat, the kitsch-minded show where we talk about toys, boys, and life's other joys.

On Tonight's Episode:

We kick things off by talking about the time Nightcat had a horrible DIY blog catastrophe (0:47​). Question: should you use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on your skin? No. No, you should not.

2:28​ - THE LITTERBOX (stupid news stories):

* 2:54​ - A California woman called police to report that someone broke into her house when she while she was sleeping. Police busted down the door only to find that the "burglar" was the family's vacuum robot.

* 4:34​ - The Philippines Coast Guard stopped a bunch of clam grabbers. Giant Clams are endangered, but that hasn't stopped the illegal fishermen from trying to cash in on the critters.

* 6:03​ - A Polish woman called animal control officers to report a mysterious and menacing-looking creature lurking in a tree near her apartment. When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered the "critter" was a croissant.

* 7:50​ - A North Carolina man stole my heart and the hearts of millions on the internet after he grabbed a rabid bobcat that was attacking his wife AND LITERALLY THREW IT ACROSS THE YARD 😱 If he's not willing to Yeet a bobcat for you, you need to move on. Your prince is out there.

9:57​ -​​ SUNKEN TREASURE (toy unboxings/reviews): We're opening a Hogwarts salon, hunny! 💇🏼‍♀️ Nightcat recently scored all 6 of the fully-articulated Harry Potter Dolls from Mattel's 2019 line FOR $20!! They're a little janky, but we're going to fix that. Have you ever tried fixing snarly doll hair with fabric softener? Let's try it on Dumbledore!

11:45​ - NIGHTCAT CLASSIC TALES: Nightcat tells you about the time he sent a sexy picture to the wrong person. Even worse? He accidentally sent them to a guy who rejected him LITERALLY THE NIGHT BEFORE. Its.... a bummer.

19:59​ - WARM MILK (good news to help you sleep): Guy Fieri's an angel and you all better fall in line. Through is Restaurant Employee Relief fund, he's raised over $25M to help struggling restaurant workers make it through the pandemic.

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