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Nightcap With Nightcat - Episode 4

Welcome to another episode of Nightcap With Nightcat, the kitsch-minded show where we talk about toys, boys, and life's other joys.

On Tonight's Episode:

We kick things off by announcing the winners of the "This Smells Like My Junk" candle giveaway.

THE LITTERBOX (stupid news stories):

  • A hella romantic thief

  • A naked police chase

  • A Big Foot hunting season could soon be coming to Oklahoma

  • Literally the scariest man you will ever see

  • A dirty, rotten money licker

SUNKEN TREASURE (toy unboxing and review): Tonight we play with Mattel's VIBRATING Harry Potter Nimbus 2000. Released in 2001, they were quickly recalled when sex shops started selling them. The Amazon reviews are incredible.

NIGHTCAT CLASSIC TALES: Nightcat tells the story of when he stormed Area 51 and ended up getting a tattoo in a random van in the desert.

WARM MILK (good news to help you sleep): Canadian candy company looking to hire candy taste testers and pay them $30/hr.

PLUS! We introduce the "1K-Someday-O-Mometer," our visual tracker for that sweet, sweet 1,000 Subscribers.

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