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Morning aMEOWncements - May 4th, 2021

Welcome to another episode of Morning aMEOWncements, the kitsch minded morning show to help start your day!

We kick things off by talking about the weird notes Nightcat leaves for himself on his phone.

Then we hop into today's pop culture headlines with The Morning Mews.

  • A woman from Orem, UT had no idea she was pregnant when she boarded a plane for Hawaii. Halfway through the flight, a doctor and 3 NICU nurses helped her successfully deliver a premature baby.

  • A woman missing for 5 months in the Utah County wilderness was found alive over the weekend. She survived on a diet of grass and moss! -

  • Olivia Wilde has been granted a 3-year restraining order against the stalker who keeps leaving love notes on her door.

After the news, we're going to learn some new fun facts from "The Book of Unusual Knowledge." These are some of the funniest flubbed headlines ever written.

Then we wrap things up with 3 minutes of fish.

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