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Bored? Looking for something to do? Nightcat has you covered! Whether you're looking for hours of bingeworthy podcast and video content or a live, in-person event, Nightcat strives to provide the very best Kitch-Minded Entertainment.

Crime Tours: Make your next visit to Salt Lake City one of the most memorable with a Nightcat True Crime Walking Tour. Nightcat will take you to 5 locations where some of SLC's most NOTORIOUS crimes took place. Perfect for the wanderlust-stricken traveler and Utah residents alike. Get your tickets here!

Shows and Podcasts: Jackson Carter (AKA Nightcat) is a true crime junkie, animal educator, toy collector, and has worked as an entertainer for nearly a decade. Now, he takes all of the skills and knowledge he's learned and uses it to make weekly YouTube and Podcast content such as Nightcap With Nightcat, Curiosity Killed Nightcatand Nightcat Radio.