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Nightcap With Nightcat - Episode 27

Welcome to another episode of Nightcap With Nightcat, the kitsch-minded show where we talk about toys, boys, and life's other joys.

On Tonight's Episode: We kick things off with WILD WEDNESDAY! Nightcat shows off his pet bearded dragon, Red (named after "That 70's Show" Legend: Red Forman.

5:08 - THE LITTERBOX (stupid news stories):

  • 5:21 - A man tried to get out of a traffic stop by calling 911 to report a "shooting." The dispatcher realized what was going on and he was arrested.

  • 6:33 - A plate of fries at a New York City restaurant was recently certified "World's Most Expensive."

  • 8:09 - An Iowa man was arrested after he called in a bomb threat to a Mcdonald's. His reasoning: they forgot his spicy buffalo dipping sauce.

Then around 9:35, I need you to settle an argument: Is buffalo sauce a staple condiment that everyone should have in their fridge? ​

10:32 - SUNKEN TREASURE (toy unboxings/reviews): Nightcat shows off one of his most prized possessions. The MinaLima edition Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

14:45 - NIGHTCAT CLASSIC TALES: Nightcat talks about the time he had to take care of his drunk friend in Vegas.

20:00 - CATSPIRACY CORNER: You've heard of UFOs... But how about USOs? Unidentified Submerged Objects. I'm convinced aliens came to the ocean in the 60's, saw what humanity had to offer, and decided to leave.

Questions, concerns, comments, or curses for Nightcat? Shoot him a text or leave him a voicemail (601) 557-CAT1 (2281) Find the links to everything including the Patreon, Nightcat Radio, the Nightcat Prize Club, and so much more on the Link Tree:

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