Nightcap With Nightcat - Episode 23

Welcome to another episode of Nightcap With Nightcat, the kitsch-minded show where we talk about toys, boys, and life's other joys.

On Tonight's Episode:

We kick things off by addressing Nightcat's ridiculous sunburn. Which leads right into WILD WEDNESDAY! Nightcat brought an alligator snapping turtle from his job at Scales and Tails.

5:30 - THE LITTERBOX (stupid news stories):

* 5:46- Beachgoers in Maine were shocked to find something in the sand stained their feet black. Turns out, it was a bunch of crushed-up dead bugs.

* 7:03 - An anti-vax nurse (which should never be a thing) tried to prove the vaccine made her magnetic by sticking a key and a bobby pin to her neck. Spoiler alert: She's not magnetic.

* 9:29 - A man in Michigan won a $1 Million lottery prize. He was so excited, he drove off with the gas pump still in his tank. ​

10:31 - SUNKEN TREASURE (toy unboxings/reviews): Did anyone get all 6 of these for Christmas? This week we're talking about the Burger King exclusive golden pokemon cards! 1999 Nintendo.