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Nightcap With Nightcat - Episode 19

Welcome to another episode of Nightcap With Nightcat, the kitsch-minded show where we talk about toys, boys, and life's other joys.

On Tonight's Episode: We kick things off by thanking YOU for getting Nightcat to 10K TikTok followers. THANK YOU!

2:38 - THE LITTERBOX (stupid news stories):

  • 3:05 - Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit has been disqualified after a dirty drug test. Just like that dog in New Zealand who tested positive for meth. All these animals are drug addicts!

  • 5:17 - A dead football fish, which normally dwell 3,000 feet under the ocean's surface, was found washed ashore in great condition. It was a super rare find and begs the question: What TF is going on in the ocean?!

  • 7:04 - A house that sits on the property where John Wayne Gacy killed and buried his victims recently sold. It went for WELL under the asking price. That place is FREAKING HAUNTED. You can't change my mind. ​​

10:26 - SUNKEN TREASURE (toy unboxings/reviews): Will Nightcat survive eating 20-year-old food? Let's find out! Tonight we're unboxing the Harry Potter Iced Pumpkin Drink Maker. Mattel No. 57608. Released 2002.

16:24 - NIGHTCAT-SPIRACY CORNER (conspiracy theories briefly explained): After years of mentioning it anytime he hears Avril Lavigne's name, Nightcat is going to explain the "Avril is Dead" conspiracy theory. ​

23:16 - NIGHTCAT CLASSIC TALES: Nightcat talks about the time a dead body was found at the movie theatre chain where he worked. The bathrooms were SO CLEAN after that.

27:36 - WARM MILK (good news to help you sleep): a team of animal rescuers in New Jersey rescued over 800 baby turtles from a storm drain. Sewer turtles? I smell a TMNT reboot!

Questions, concerns, comments, or curses for Nightcat? Shoot him a text or leave him a voicemail (601) 557-CAT1 (2281) Find the links to everything including the Patreon, Nightcat Radio, the Nightcat Prize Club, and so much more on the Link Tree:

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