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Morning aMEOWncements - May 5th, 2021

Welcome to another episode of Morning aMEOWncements, the kitsch minded morning show to help start your day!

We kick things off by talking about what Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates.

Then we hop into today's pop culture headlines with The Morning Mews.

  • Jonathan Van Ness' husband just got his green card! - Paris Hilton took to Tik Tok to clear up a long-standing rumor. That "Stop Being Poor" shirt we've seen her photographed in? It was photoshopped!

  • Andrew Garfield finally clarifies whether he will be in the new Spider-Man movie.

  • Update on the Lady Gaga Dognappers: 5 people have been arrested in connection to the dog theft and shooting of Gaga's dogwalker.

After the news, we're going to learn some new fun facts from "The Book of Useless Information."

Then we wrap things up with 3 minutes of fish.

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