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Morning aMEOWncements - May 12th, 2021

Welcome to another episode of Morning aMEOWncements, the kitsch-minded morning show to help start your day!

First, we kick things off by celebrating 10K followers on TikTok. How should Nightcat celebrate?

Then, we hop into today's pop culture headlines with The Morning Mews.

- Tawny Kitaen, the actress most well-known for her roles in White Snake videos, passed away last week. Her brother says she died of a broken heart after her father passed in April.

- Mother's Day celebrations were put on pause in Texas when an escaped tiger was found prowling a Houston neighborhood.

- Britney Spears asked what she should dress up as for Halloween. Avril Levigne commented possibly my favorite suggestion: they switch! Avril will dress as Britney and Britney will dress as Avril.

After the news, we're going to learn some new fun facts from "The Book of Useless Information." It's Wild Wednesday, so here are a bunch of shark facts. Did you know that sharks don't have a tongue? Their tastebuds are on their teeth!

Then we wrap things up with 3 minutes of fish.

Questions, concerns, comments, or curses for Nightcat? Shoot him a text or leave him a voicemail (601) 557-CAT1 (2281) Find the links to everything including the Patreon, Nightcat Radio, the Nightcat Prize Club, and so much more on the Link Tree:

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