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A true crime walking tour in beautiful SLC

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Your tour guide, Nightcat, has been studying crimes that took place at 5 downtown Salt Lake City locations and he can’t wait to share the dirty truths hiding behind one of America’s cleanest, nicest cities. Bombings, cults, hostage situations, scorned lovers… All within a few city blocks. This event is open to anyone 14+, but parental discretion is advised as we'll be discussing murders and other violent crimes.

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Nightcat will take you to five famous true crime locations and tell you the gruesome story of what happened there

  • The Jvdge Building - After a bomb went off in this building resulting in the death of one man, the city was thrown into a panic. This was just the first in a string of domestic terror attacks carried out by a man trying to cover up his extensive lies. As made famous on Netflix’s “Murder Among the Mormons.”

  • The old Shilo Inn - A crime so sad happened at this hotel, Danny Elfman claims it helped inspire him to write the music for “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

  • The U.S. District Court of Utah - Completed in 2014, the first case to be tried in the brand new building ended with the defendant being shot by law enforcement in the court.

  • Market Street Grill - While the crime in question didn’t actually occur at this location, the story behind one of the restaurants' founders being murdered by his husband makes this swanky steakhouse worth the stop.

  • The Leonardo - Before it was a STEM museum, it housed the Salt Lake City Public library where a man brought a bomb and held a room full of people hostage in the ‘90s.

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